E3 2018: Forza Horizon 4 First Impressions And Ralph Fulton Interview (Video)

UPDATE 6/14/18: I’ve added my interview with Ralph Fulton, director of Playground Games, the studio behind Forza Horizon.

I asked him some of our questions but more importantly questions directly from the Forza communities on the official Forza Motorsport Forum and on the /r/forza reddit page. Check out the interview below and then continue on for my first impressions on the game and some direct capture gameplay footage.

Ralph Fulton Interivew:

It’s been two years since Forza Horizon 3 was launched and in that time millions of players have hoon’d all over Australia for hours on end.

Forza Horizon 3 really felt like a watershed moment in which a clumination of everything that Playground Games learned from the first two Horizon games as well what Turn 10 Studios learned from all of their Forza Motorsport games resulted in a near perfect open world driving experience.

So, how the heck would they top it?  What could Playground Games possibly do to make Forza Horizon 4 stand out from its predicessors?

The answer comes in a combination of further leaning on mother nature, a sprawling new location, and throwing in a few fan requested features.

Starting off, Forza Horizon 4’s location is Great Britian. Not just London but Britain. While that is quite the departure from their previous party-centric locations, Britain was chosen for a very specific reason which brings us to the next major additon: seasons.

Previously Forza Horizon games featured day/night cycles and rain over the entire map. There was snow added but it was relegated to specific areas of the map in the form of expansions.

In Forza Horizon 4 that all changes with seasons. Players will experience Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer and each of those brings its unique weather map-wide.

Also, since Horizon 4’s open world is shared, all players will experience each season at the same time. Don’t worry though, while it is a shared world, Horizon 4 is not an “always online game”. Players can easily go solo offline whenever they want.

That is all well and good but how does the game play? What does it really look like?

Well I went to private Xbox showcase to go hands-on. Check out my thoughts after playing as well as nearly 9 minutes of game play footage captured directly with the Atomos Ninja Inferno in the two videos below.

First impressions:

Direct capture gameplay:

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