Ford North America’s President Raj Nair Leaves Company Due To “Inappropriate Behavior”

Just moments ago Ford Motor Company put out a press release stating that Raj Nair, President of Ford North America has left the company immediately due to “reports of inappropriate behavior”.

To say this is a shock is a bit of an understatement.  Now, Ford doesn’t specifically state that Nair’s “inappropriate behavior” was sexual in nature but with everything going on lately and with the Women’s #MeToo movement it’s hard not to speculate that this could be a case of sexual harassment.

In reality it could be just about anything that falls under the realm of “inappropriate”.  Maybe he punched someone in the head like Jeremy Clarkson did.  Who knows?

All we can do is as of now is speculate.  From Ford’s official statement it looks like there may have been complaints against Nair and an investigation was launched into them, from there they found something bad and now he’s out.

It remains to be seen if anyone else involved in Nair’s behavior will come forward but at least action has been taken.

If there are any updates to this story we’ll follow up with another post or just update this one.  For Ford’s full statement and Nair’s apology, see the press release below.

What do you think Raj Nair did?  Do you think this is another instance of sexual harassment in the workplace or something else?  Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.


Press Release:

DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 21, 2018 – Ford Motor Company today announced that Raj Nair, executive vice president and president, North America, is departing from Ford effective immediately.

The decision follows a recent internal investigation into reports of inappropriate behavior. The review determined certain behavior by Nair was inconsistent with the company’s code of conduct.

“We made this decision after a thorough review and careful consideration,” said Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett. “Ford is deeply committed to providing and nurturing a safe and respectful culture and we expect our leaders to fully uphold these values.”

Said Nair: “I sincerely regret that there have been instances where I have not exhibited leadership behaviors consistent with the principles that the Company and I have always espoused. I continue to have the utmost faith in the people of Ford Motor Company and wish them continued success in the future.”

Nair has been president of Ford North America since June 1, 2017.  Prior to that, he served as Ford’s head of global product development and chief technical officer.

Nair’s replacement will be subject to an announcement in the near future.


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