Ferrari Designs Cockpit Office Chair With Poltrona Frau

I love it when car brands branch out and try things outside of their usual box.  Unfortunately, not many car brands do such things.  Fortunately, Ferrari is among the few that do.  Recently, Ferrari’s design team partnered with Italian furniture brand Poltrona Frau to create racing seat inspired office chairs.  My favorite thing about these chairs is that they represent real design work.  These are not merely chairs ripped out of a 488 with a seat posts attached.

Ferrari genuinely took inspiration from their seats and came up with a unique design for these pieces.  There are two versions of the Ferrari x Poltrona Frau chair: “The President” which is a full sized chair bolstering the entire back of its occupant and “The Executive” a smaller chair supporting the lower back.  Both chairs can be had with carbon fiber shells and their bases are made from cast aluminum and are meant to evoke a steering wheel.

Naturally, the leather used on these chairs is the very same used by Ferrari when upholstering their cars.

The Ferrari x Poltrona Frau chairs aren’t out yet so their price is currently unknown, though I think it is safe to assume they will definitely not be cheap.

If you want to pick one up they will be available at Poltrona Frau flagship stores and dealers in the near future.  To get a better look, click the image below for a large shot of both versions of the chair.


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