Watch Jhonnattan Castro’s INSANE Run From Formula Drift Orlando (Video)

As the second round of Formula Drift unfolded last weekend, things were quickly devolving into a carnage fest as the Orlando Speed World track surface was absolutely murdering cars left and right.  Tandem battles were conservative with drivers being especially cautious of debeading a tire an instantly getting eliminated.  It was an understandable and smart strategy but it didn’t make for the most exciting head to head match ups.

Then, in Top 16 the gods of drift shone down upon Jhonnattan Castro as he lined up for his battle against James Deane and unleashed an absolutely killer lead and chase run that was easily the talk of the entire event.

I could sit here and try to weave all kinds of clever world play to try and describe just how awesome this match up was but none of my words could ever do it justice so I invite you to scroll below and watch the battle play out.  You are going to want to turn up your speakers and go full-screen mode for this one.

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