Awesome Man Creates Working 3D Printed Model Engines! (Video)

There are some people who just exist to do things that are awesome.  Eric Harrell is one of those people.  Like many of you reading this, Eric is a hardcore gear-head who also happens to have a talent for design.

One day while rebuilding a Toyota engine in his garage, Eric got the idea to use his 3D printer to re-create a scale model of the very engine he was working on.

Inspired by the Revel clear engine model kits from the 80s and 90s, Eric just wanted to have a cool model engine of his own that he could put on his desk.

Then, as what tends to happen with people that are awesome, Eric began to think bigger…

With 3D printers becoming cheaper and more consumer friendly, Eric believed that if he created more scale model engine designs and put those designs on the internet for free, it could encourage kids to learn how engines work and maybe inspire them to pursue a career in engineering.

Eric, you are doing God’s work…

In addition to the Toyota engine, Eric has also created scale models of a Subaru WRX boxer engine and a complete transmission.  Did I mention that these models move as well?  Yes, just a quick hook up to an electric motor allows his models to move completely faithfully to the real thing.

The guys from the YouTube channel Tested ran into Eric at Maker Faire 2017 and hand the chance to check out Eric’s creations up close.  I highly suggest checking out the video below.

If you happen to have a 3D printer, you can download Eric’s designs here.

Tested Featured Maker: Eric Harrell

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