Hype: Honda Might Actually Produce The 2&4 Concept And We Can’t Even!

There are some significant signs that Honda may actually produce the crazy 2&4 concept they brought to the LA Auto Show back in November 2015.  For a quick refresher the 2&4 was a track day concept car that had the engine from a Moto GP superbike bolted on to a bare bones carbon fiber chassis.  The name “2&4” came from the fact that the car had an engine from a 2-wheeled vehicle, placed in a chassis with 4 wheels; get it?  Anyway the whole thing was an object of pure, glorious, lunacy.  It weighed less than 900lbs, and had a 200+ horsepower engine that revved to 14,000rpm!

I got a really good look at the 2&4 concept at the auto show and I loved it but I was absolutely certain that Honda would never produce it…right?  Well it looks like I could be proven wrong.  The team at Autoblog.com came across some recently filed patent documents and within the documents are chassis designs that look strikingly similar to the 2&4 concept!  One major difference however is that rather than the chassis being made from carbon fiber like on the concept, this patent describes a chassis made from cast-aluminum.

The patent also states that this chassis can accommodate various configurations: three wheels, four wheels, more than four wheels, and various seating configurations as well.  For safety the designs feature inflatable roll-over protection.

It really looks like a few engineers at Honda are taking this seriously but before we get our hopes up now would be a good time to remind ourselves that big companies file patents all the time and most of the time nothing comes of them.  Honda could just be hedging their bets incase they decide they want to produce a car like this in the distant future.  Or maybe they will come up with another chassis design that is a derivative of this to use in another type of car, like say the next S2000?  The truth is we really don’t know, but these blueprints make it damn fun to speculate about it!

Honda_Patent_US20170043680A1-1 Honda_Patent_US20170043680A1-2 Honda_Patent_US20170043680A1-3 Honda_Patent_US20170043680A1-4 Honda_Patent_US20170043680A1-5

For a better look at the patent designs just click any of the thumbnails above.  To see more of the 2&4 concept, check out our video on it below.


[Source: Autoblog.com]

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