F1 Hype: Australian Grand Prix Quick Results (With Video)

Dude, did you seriously miss the opening race of the F1 season?!  Come on!  OK, I’ll buy you’re excuse this time but don’t let it happen again!  Anyway you missed a pretty crazy weekend.  It started off with the general consensus of the planet Earth that the new qualifying system sucks hose water.  As expected there were long periods of time in which the track was pretty much empty.  Enough about that though.  Race day got pretty dicey as all of the new cars finally came out to play.  There was a pretty terrible crash (everyone came out ok though) and the new American-owned HAAS F1 team finished with a historic result.  You’ll see everything I am talking about in the race recap below courtesy of NBC Sports.  You will also find the official podium results!


2016 Australian Grand Prix Results:

1st: Nico Rosberg
2nd: Lewis Hamilton
3rd: Sebastian Vettel

NBC Sports Race Recap:

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