Hype Video: Furious7 Trailer Drops And Is AmazTasticDopeFresh


Its pretty safe to say that the seventh movie in the “Fast And Furious” franchise has had a lot of eyes on it.  The series has only gotten better since the fourth movie so its natural to think its going to keep getting better.  Also, and more unfortunately due to the untimely passing of the franchise’s star Paul Walker, many fans have been waiting to see the actor’s final performance.  Pretty much no matter how you slice it, this movie is a big deal.  Its still a ways off from its theatrical release but this weekend the first official trailer dropped and it dropped hard!  This trailer features one of the craziest car sequences I have ever seen on film!  I could sit here and gush all about it but you really just need to watch for yourself below.  Trust me, you really want to see this…

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