2013 LA Auto Show: Honda Still Dreams Of Saving The World With Fuel Cell Tech


Honda has been making a lot of the right moves lately.  They really made the enthusiasts happy with their announcements at SEMA including news of a turbocharged Civic Si in the works.  At LA they looked to appeal to those who are looking to the future of more environmentally friendly and efficient vehicles.  There was still a few performance minded displays but the Honda booth was really all about their new FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) concept.

Honda_LAAutoShow2013_7 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_4 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_5 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_8 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_10

The FCEV is meant to be the successor to the FCX Clarity concept which also debuted in LA a few years ago.  The new FCEV is a fuel cell vehicle that is meant to be more efficient than the FCX Clarity and offer more space.  Honda techs were able to reduce the size of the fuel cell in the FCEV so that the entire power train of the car actually fits under the hood.  That may not seem like much but when it comes to fuel cell cars that’s a big deal!  Honda also promises that the FCEV will have a range of 300 miles and be 60% more efficient than the FCX Clarity.

Honda_LAAutoShow2013_2 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_3 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_11 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_12 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_13

While fuel efficiency and hydrogen power aren’t very common subjects on this site, its cool to see that Honda is still experimenting and trying new things.  Maybe once they have this down they will figure out a way to make a high performance fuel cell vehicle?  One can only hope!  For pics of the FCEV and a few other tidbits in the Honda booth just click the thumbnails.

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