SEMA 2013: Hyundai Previews Four Of Their Marquee SEMA 2013 Builds (Video)


SEMA 2013 is rapidly approaching and we are in the middle of something I like to call “preview season”.  You know, the time when all the OEMs and builders release the renderings of what they’re bringing to SEMA?  Although over the years more renderings are being replaced with behind-the-scenes videos.  Which is exactly what Hyundai is doing this year.

Hyundai is bringing a quartet of cars to the big show next month; three of which are Genesis coupes and the remainder being a Veloster turbo.

So, what can we expect?  Well, BisiMoto engineering is bringing a 1,000HP Genesis coupe that is claimed to be just as reliable on the street as it is on the track, the team at ARK Performance is looking to combine an aggressive exterior with a luxury interior with their Genesis coupe “Legato”, our buddy John Pangilinan is back with Hyundai again working on a “JP Edition” Genesis coupe that should be the full package (street, track, show), and EGR Inc is working on a Veloster turbo time attack car dubbed the “Hylighter” for its uranium ore yellow color which lend to the cars visibility during night events.

Quite a group of builds is it not?  To get a little more insight into each car go ahead and watch the flick below!  Stay tuned to for all of our SEMA coverage as well!

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