Hype: Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Ver. 2 Body Kit Pricing Announced


The Rocket Bunny kit took over the “Toyobaru” AKA Scion FR-S/BRZ scene ever since the coupes were released.  We all knew that the next version of the famous kit would make its debut at SEMA but what we didn’t know was the price, until now!

GReddy has announced the official Rocket Bunny Ver. 2 pricing on their blog and has stated that their distributors are already taking pre-orders for the JDM widebody kit.

The full kit (minus the LED daytime running lights and wing) will set buyers back $4,150.  If buyers want the optional rear wing then it will cost an additional $525 and for those who also want to opt for the LED lights tack on another $185.

When all is said and done, someone who wants the whole package will spend $4,860.  While that is cheaper than the version 1 full kit ($4,995) when comparing the version 2 kit ($4,150 without wing and & LEDs) to the version 1 kit ($2,700 without GT wing) the version 2 kit is $1,450 more.  Although there does seem to be more aero pieces on the new kit versus the old one which is probably what accounts for the price increase.  Yet, anyone who was ready to drop nearly $5k for version 1 (wing and all) may want to save a little money and order version 2 now.

For those who may want a little more exclusivity GReddy hinted on their blog that a special DAI (as in Yoshihara) x Rocket Bunny collab Ver. 2 kit will make its debut at SEMA and possibly be available for purchase as well.

[Source: GReddy Blog]

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