Wheel Wednesday: RAYS Engineering Gram Lights 57XTreme

This week’s official Wheel Wednesday pick is the Gram Lights 57Xtreme by RAYS Engineering.  I chose this wheel because even though it is not particularly rare, it still gets my attention every time I see a car shod with them.  They are almost like the TE37 in that they look good on almost any car.  Although there are still ways to get this wheel wrong trust me!  Anyhow, I love the matte graphite finish and the logo placement.

When it comes to functionality RAYS used what they call “side cut” technology to shave weight by removing material from the spokes.  Also, there is an aluminum “rigidity ring” (on sizes larger than 17″) that keeps the wheel strong without making it heavier.

Another great thing about the 57Xtreme is that it won’t hurt the wallet too much (relative to other high end wheels).  Savvy shoppers can get a set for a little over $1,400 (in 17 inch).  Not bad for authentic Japanese-made wheels!

[Source: MackinIndustries.com]

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