Hype: JDMEGO “Tuning Ruined My Life” Illustrates The Dangers Of Car Addiction

The politically correct term for people like me is “enthusiast”.  Yet, in my time as an “enthusiast” I have heard the love of cars, racing, and tuning referred to as “the bug”, “the disease”, “the addiction”, and other monikers usually synonymous with a vice or sickness.  As harmless as tinkering with a car may seem, those who are in the know realize that what usually starts off as a weekend project can turn into a life long obsession!

As such JDMEGO has once again summed up this phenomenon in a shirt dubbed “Tuning Ruined My Life“.  The title is pretty self explanatory, is it not?  If you want to warn others about the dangers of tuning addiction then this shirt might just be the way to do it!  Only 20 bucks at the JDMEGO store!  If you are a sufferer of tuning addiction, fear not.  With support you can get through it; one step at a time…

[Source: JDMEGO.com Store]

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