Ridiculous Hype: Mansory 24kt Gold iPhone 5. Not iPhone Case, but iPhone!

Every now and then the automotive world crosses over with every day consumer products.  Sometimes it works out pretty well (see Porsche Design) other times its a disaster (see Porsche Design).  Then there are those rare moments when it just causes head scratching confusion.  This falls under door number three!  Say hello to the 24kt gold iPhone 5.  Yes, a gold iPhone, not a case, but a phone!

This golden communication device is produced by the folks at Mansory, who are better known for their “over-the-top” body kits for the worlds most expensive exotic cars.  Why they decided to make a gold iPhone? I have no idea.  But, they only made 50 of them which means you probably can’t get one even if you could afford whatever the asking price is er, was for this thing.

Although, I guess it would be kind of cool for some people to officially declare themselves king/queen of the hipsters if they pulled out a legit golden iPhone.

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