Hype App: Mark Arcenal’s CarFiend Photo App Gets Update

I love Instagram but it has its downsides.  The biggest being that sometimes I have to scroll through a lot of memes and “look at what I had for lunch” shots before I get to the good stuff: car pics!  Well, Mark Arcenal of Fatlace and illest fame has solved that problem with his new CarFiend app.

CarFiend is a photo-sharing app for gear heads.  The app allows users to browse photos of cars no matter what the type they’re into.  It also lets users create a “virtual garage” of their favorite cars and finally it provides tools for taking high quality automotive pictures with their smart phones, which include things like swiping the screen to blur license plates!

If you don’t have it already CarFiend is available for iOS devices right now in the Apple App Store.  If you do already have the app then you’ll be happy to know that an update was released today that enables push notifications, updated photo feed, and refined search capabilities.

If you aren’t an iPhone person then sit tight because CarFiend will be coming to Android devices this fall.  If you want a better look at how it works click the thumbnails below for screenshots!


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