Hype: Liberty Walk Toyota Prius

Did you think that you needed to have an exotic Italian supercar or BMW to rock an authentic Liberty Walk body kit?  As it turns out, if you are conscious about the environment and bought a Toyota Prius then Mr. Kato thinks you are cool enough to make product for.  Feast your eyes by clicking on the thumbnails below on the official Liberty Walk Prius body kit.  If you want to see even more I highly suggest you hit the link.  Seriously, don’t think for a second that Liberty Walk went easy on the Prius because its some small hybrid car; these guys went all out.  Besides the aero kit, there is a full suite of interior mods as well.  Its nuts!

If my math is correct (which it probably isn’t) the exterior parts alone (not counting the LED taillights) will probably set customers back about $5,500, plus whatever the cost is to import the kit to the states.  Although its well worth it if you are a fan of Liberty Walk’s work.


[Source: LB-Performance.com]

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