Hype Video: Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Hill Climb Special 2013 By Will Roegge

If you haven’t heard the name Jeff Zwart by now then you haven’t been paying close enough attention.  Jeff Zwart is an Academy Award winning director of some of the most widely seen commercials of the last few years.  Although, that’s not the reason why you should know him.  You should know Jeff because he is a motorsport nut like you or I but he pooled his resources together to take on Pikes Peak.  This was documented in epic fashion by film director extraordinaire Will Roegge.

This year Mr. Zwart returned to Pikes Peak and once again he brought Mr. Roegge with him.  The result is a video that is raw, beautiful, and completely compelling from beginning to end.  All the people out there who think sequels are never as good as the originals needs to watch this!  Enough talk, scroll down for Jeff Zwart’s Pikes Peak Hill Cimb Special 2013…

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