Gaming/Movie Hype: Sony Working On Gran Turismo Movie With “50 Shades Of Grey” Film Producers?

In today’s “weird news” there is word floating around the interwebs that Sony is working on a film adaptation of their popular Gran Turismo racing franchise.  What really turns up the “WTF-o-meter” is the fact that the film will likely be produced by Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti AKA the production team behind the upcoming 50 Shades Of Grey movie (if you don’t know what 50 Shades of Grey is, ask your mom then prepare to become irrevocably disturbed).

While I am sure there will be many talented people behind this project, I can’t help but wonder what direction they could possibly go with this.  The Gran Turismo games aren’t world famous for having a compelling narrative.  Its just an awesome driving game with really realistic physics and a ton of cars that most people would probably never even get to see in person much less drive.

Although, there is one theory from that suggests the film’s plot could be a fictionalized version of a young driver’s trek through the now world famous GT Academy, a contest that gives Gran Turismo players a shot at a real racing career.

As far as why Sony would do this now?  Well with the recent success of the latest Fast And Furious movie (with another on the way) and EA Games working on a Need For Speed film maybe Sony believes there is a piece of the “racing game movie pie” to be had for themselves.

So far there is no indication as to when this movie might be released or if it is in-fact a reality but I think it would be definitely interesting to see.  I wonder if Microsoft is working on a Forza Horizon movie?

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