Yearly Hype: HAMANN 2013 Calendar

People use their cell phones for just about everything these days.  For most, it has taken the place of the watch, the notepad, the camera, and even the calendar.  The traditional calendar is by no means dead because of this, but due to the convenience of smartphones a traditional “hang on the wall” calendar has to be pretty damn unique and good looking to warrant the extra effort of looking at the wall instead of our screens.  One such worthy candidate might be HAMANN’s 2013 calandar.  HAMANN’s date keeper features beautiful photography (in some cases HDR style photography) of their best cars in compelling backgrounds.  Just click the thumbnails below for some sample images.

The only catch: the calendar will set you back a little over $60 bucks and you have to order it from Germany.  Hey, sometimes you have to suffer for art..


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