Movie Hype: Mark Whalberg To Star In Transformers 4 Movie. Official Movie Logo Revealed

Back in Feburary I told you that Michael Bay not only confirmed there would be a Transformers 4 movie, but that there would be practically no human cast and the film would be all about the bots.  After hearing that news I actually thought there might be some promise for the next film with no hammy, over the top actor performances to muck things up.  Well, it looks like I might have got hopeful too soon. 

See, at first it was true that there would be no actual human actors in the next flick, but it turned out that Michael Bay started a full on BROmance with Mark Whalberg while filming the film “Pain & Gain”.  In fact he loves his new BFF so much that he changed his mind and decided to give Mark “Say hello to your mother for me” Whalberg a starring role in Transfomers 4. 

On his blog Bay makes sure to say that the story is still in its very early stages so Mr. Whalberg did not necessarily need to be written in to an already locked in script.  I guess that makes sense since so far there are absolutely zero details known about what the story of the fourth film will be.

I just hope to god its better than the third…

[Source: Michael Bay Dot Com]

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