F1 Hype: Korean Grand Prix (Quick Result)

Over the weekend Formula One returned to Southern Korea for the Korean GP.  While there was plenty to talk about, one of the biggest topics of the weekend was, you guess it: Gangam Style!  It had officially taken over Formula One as you can see in the picture above.  Gangnam rapper “Psy” was even the grand martial of the race and got to wave the checkered flag!  Awesome as that was it is time to move on to the important stuff.  The weekend started with Mark Webber taking the pole position during qualifying in a stellar performance.  His teammate Sebastian Vettel, qualified in second position which resulted in the first Red Bull front row lock out of the season.

When the lights went out on Sunday, it was Vettel who charged to the front and hung on to it.  Despite suffering tire wear problems on his right front, Vettel continued to push the car as hard as he could, constantly setting fast lap.  Webber seemed to have much better tire wear but could not catch Sebastian.  Fernando Alonso (third place) and Felipe Massa (fourth place) tried their best to stay up front and keep Fernando in the points battle.  In fact, Scuderia Ferrari were so conered about Alonso’s points that they “suggested” to Massa that he not try to pass his teammate.  Even though he had nothing to worry about from Felipe, Fernando still had nothing for Webber nor Vettel up front.

Sebastian went on to win the race, followed by Mark Webber taking second place, and Fernando Alonso holding on for third.  Despite Fernando’s podium finish, Sebastian Vettel’s victory officially puts him ahead of the Spaniard by 4 points going into the last four races of the season.

For a full post race wrap up check out the SPEED trio’s take on the Korean GP.

[Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images]

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