Hype Review: Forza Horizon. Don’t Call It “Arcade” (Video)

Ok, so it took me a little longer than everyone else but my review of Forza Horizon is finally here.  I got the game early last week thanks to Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games and all the while I have been diving into this new Forza-venture, doing my best to analyze what Playground Games created.  I can say today I finally have formed a solid opinion!  So, is Horizon really worth all the hype that everyone (including myself) has given it?  Is it really just another “arcade racer”?  Will this be a black eye on the face of Forza Motorsport’s legacy?  Or is it every bit what many of us hoped it would be?  Scroll down and to find out what I think.  Also stay tuned this week for a special treat I am putting together just for you guys!

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