F1 Hype: Italian Grand Prix (Quick Result)

So I missed a step over labor day weekend with the Belgium Grand Prix (Jenson Button won it BTW) but I am back in the swing of things now with a quick report on the Italian Grand Prix that took place over the weekend.  Naturally, the Ferrari camp was in good spirits since they were racing on their home turf and coming into the weekend with Fernando Alonso in the points lead.  However, even though there was a sea of red in the crowd, it was silver cars dominating the weekend.  It started when Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button qualified first and second respectively making for an all-McLaren first row. 

A Ferrari did make it up front for qualifying but it was the Ferrari of Felipe Massa (who is rumored to be racing for his job at this point) rather than Fernando Alonso who ended up qualifying 10th.  When the lights went out on Sunday Lewis charged hard to stay out front but Felipe Massa immediately got around Button for second place.

That order would change up more than a few times through out the race though as Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez fought their way past Felipe to the front of the pack.  Jenson on the other hand suffered an engine failure and DNF’d the race.  Sergio Perez managed to get past Alonso and grab second place.  For a moment Fernando was worried about his points but then Sebastien Vettel (who was back in sixth) suffered car troubles and DNF’d also! 

Sergio lead the race for a few breif moments when Lewis came in for tires but once the Brit got back out he hunted down Perez and took back the race lead and held on to win.  Sergio finished a career best 2nd place while Fernando Alonso protected his points lead by finishing third.

It should be noted that Mark Webber also had car troubles which left both Red Bull cars with zero points across the board for the weekend.  For a full post race report check out the SPEED wrap up.

[Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images]

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