Gaming Hype: Codemasters F1 2012 Demo Hits Xbox Live TODAY! (Video)

I know with all the Forza Horizon talk it seems like things may have been quiet on the F1 front but today Codemasters made big news by releasing a demo for F1 2012 today on Xbox Live!  The demo will allow players to try out the new “Young Driver’s Test” mode as well as some of the challenge modes players can do during a season of competition.  In addition to the demo Codemasters also dropped a new trailer and screen shots!  All of which, can be seen below.  If you have a PlayStation 3 or your a PC gamer, have no worries as the demo will hit the PlayStation Network and PC (via Steam) tomorrow (Sept. 11th 2012).  If for some reason you cannot download the trailer, you can still relax because the game will be released in just 8 more days (Sept. 18th 2012)!



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