Car Show-Pocalypse: We Take On Nisei Showoff And Canibeat x Hellaflush “INFMS” On The Same Day! (Gallery Links Inside)

In some situations I can be a very indecisive person; Especially when it comes to food.  Although I never thought I would have to make a choice between two awesome car shows on the same day like Nisei Showoff and the “INFMS” show by Hellaflush and Canibeat.  With Nisei Showoff being in the middle of downtown LA and INFMS being in Long Beach which is clear on the other side of the county, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out which one to take on.  In the end I decided I would punish myself mentally and  physically by taking on both shows!  I knew it was crazy but there was no way I could choose one over the other. 


Although I was confident that I needed to hit both shows, I was less confident about how I was going to do it.  Luckily for me, RJ and Jon Sibal stepped in and made things infinitely more pleasant!  I met up with RJ and Jon at Nisei and we hung out with old friends while I took all the shots I could while trying to stay hydrated.  Then, we all hopped in “Biggie” AKA RJ’s F10 BMW 750 (with amazing air conditioning!) and rolled to Long Beach for INFMS where we ran into more friends and re-connected with Judson AKA “Drop Jay” of JDM Ego to finish out the day with more awesome cars and ocean breezes to help keep cool.


I refuse to compare one show to the other but I will say they were both awesome and both worth the effort.  If you could only choose one I totally understand and either choice would have been a winner, but if you took on both shows like we did then congrats you truly are a car show whore and you have my utmost respect!  If you could not make it to either show then I have two galleries to ease your pain.  Just hit the links below!

Nisei Showoff Gallery

INFMS Gallery

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