Hype Video: Tanner Foust Debuts “Life In The Foust Lane” Webseries

These days Tanner Foust is a pretty well known guy in gear head circles and even a little beyond that.  He gets recognized on the streets, signs autographs, and rumor has it has done well enough to buy himself a few toys.  I knew him back when he was drifting a humble 240SX for McKinney Motorsports back in the early years of Formula Drift.  He has definitely come a long way since those days and deservedly so.  If there is one thing about Tanner that has never changed since the early days is that he always has a lot of F’ing jobs.  If I did not know what he looked like and someone told me about all the jobs he had I would think he was Jamaican (note: I am Jamaican, I can make that joke).

If he is not hosting Top Gear USA, he is racing rally cross on the other side of the planet, if he is not doing that then he is stunt driving for a Hollywood blockbuster, if not that he is risking his life for the sake of the challenge.  “Busy” is a major understatement when it comes to Mr. Foust.  So, to help his fans get some inside perspective on Tanner’s career, he got together with Rockstar Energy Drink to produce a web series called “Life In The Foust Lane”.  In this series cameras follow Foust on all his adventures and all the while we get some insight from the man himself about what he is up to.

In this first episode Tanner takes us behind the scenes of his role in Ford’s Octane Academy, we also learn his philosophy on rental cars and their abuse therein.  It is a pretty entertaining way to spend eight and half minutes! Watch for yourself below.

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