F1 Hype: Hungarian Grand Prix (Quick Result)

As the Formula One series reached Budapest’s own Hungarioring many thought rain would be the story of the weekend.  However, when race day came on Sunday the weather could not have been better.  In fact the weather was so good, the track was so grippy that Pirelli predicted that many drivers would probably only make one pit stop for the entire race.  Pirelli turned out to be right in that respect.  Not only were they right, but pit stops were a key factor. 

The weekend started with Lewis Hamilton taking pole position during a great qualifying session and when the lights went out on Sunday he certainly did his part not to squander his front row position.  Although a hiccup in his first pit stop put him down to 4th position.  Luckily for Lewis, Sebastien Vettel, Mark Webber, and teammate Jenson Button all had pit troubles as well.  With some determination Lewis was able to fight his way back to the front, but all the while he had both Lotus cars on his tail. 

Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean fought each other hard for the opportunity to attack Lewis for the lead, but their battle slowed them just enough for Lewis to hold on to his lead and take his second win of the season.  Kimi stayed ahead of Romain for second place and Grosjean took third.

Lewis’ win brings him up to fourth place in the points, bumping Kimi to fifth.  Sebastien Vettel (who finished fourth) held on to third spot in the points and Fernando Alonso (who finished fifth) still leads the point with a very comfortable 40 point cushion over Mark Webber.

For a full post-race report watch the SPEED results show.

[Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images]

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