Formula Drift Hype: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Takes Second Victory In A Row With Win In Seattle

Vaughn Gittin Jr. earned himself a new nickname over the weekend at Formula Drift Seattle and its “The Comeback Kid”.  After winning the Championship in 2010 Vaughn’s performance has not quite been what we were used to seeing but over the last two events it seems that Vaughn has gone back to his old ways.  He won in New Jersey and absolutely dominated in Seattle, qualifying first and then taking down all comers for the win.  His consecutive victories have also pushed him to the top of the championship points battle above “rookie” Daigo Saito. 

Joining Vaughn on the podium was Ryan Tuerck who had a stellar performance himself but fell to Gittin in the final battle and Rhys Millen who defeated Ken Gushi for third place.

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