Wheel Hype: Vorsteiner VS-310 Is 3-Piece Forged Awesome

It has been a while since I have done a wheel post so jumping back into it I wanted to make sure I came back with something good.  Thus, I present to you the Vorsteiner VS-310!  This is one of the few “split-spoke” designs from Vorsteiner and like the other split spoke designs the VS-310 has a nice aggressive look.  Sizes start at 19″ and go up to 22″ and widths go from 8″ to 13″ so you can go big and wide if you want.  I will pause here so you can form your double entendres….got them?  OK!  Anyhow, the VS-310 is a pretty sweet wheel for the Euro guys, heck you might want to sport this with some of the higher end Japanese cars.  I can see the VS-310 looking very nice on a Lexus IS, Acura NSX, or even a Nissan 370Z. 


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