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Besides the huge auto show going on in Detroit there are new tech goodies making their debut in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  While the two shows are far apart both physically and in content, there are occasional instances where the two mesh.  For example, audio company Logic3 is using CES to  announce a full line of Ferrari branded products.  The “Ferrari By Logic3 Collection” will feature a myriad of products all dawning the famous prancing horse, including noise-canceling headphones and iPhone compatible speaker docks.  One look at the pictures and I had to admit that the Logic3 designers did a pretty good job of translating Ferrari asthetics into their collection.  I am especially drooling over the red/carbon fiber over-ear headphones!  See the line for yourself in the pictures below and get the info in the press release.


Press Release:

Las Vegas, USA, 9th January 2012: Logic3 Collaborate with Ferrari to Create Iconic Suite Of Audio Products : Logic3 today announce an exclusive collaboration with Ferrari that unveils the creation of an iconic, world-leading collection of audio products. The Ferrari by Logic3 collection comprises a range of earphones, headphones and speaker docks that celebrate Ferrari’s excellence and flair, both on the road and in motorsport, by delivering superior audio performance and beautiful design.

Ferrari by Logic3 collection designed to bring performance, passion and technical excellence to life in the audio world

Ferrari selected Logic3 to produce the collection based on its proven, consistent and high quality audio heritage, combined with the company’s long-held passion and desire to produce the very best audio products on the market.

Recognising the need to build this new range of audio equipment from the ground up, Logic3 has worked with highly respected audio designers in this specialised field to create a range of unique audio products that bring Ferrari’s iconic Italian heritage to life. The Ferrari team has been closely involved with Logic3 throughout the entire process, ensuring the marque’s characteristic style, design and personality are captured within every product.

The Ferrari by Logic3 range is comprised of two styles:

The Ferrari Cavallino Collection is influenced by the emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s iconic GT road cars. Premium textures and materials combine with superior finishes to create unparalleled luxury and beautiful aesthetics. A range that deservedly features the illustrious ‘Cavallino Rampante’ (Prancing Horse) marque.

The Scuderia Ferrari Collection is inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team. Each product takes its design cues from the sleek racing lines and iconic chassis features that make Ferrari cars so instantly recognisable and globally adored. This collection carries the exclusive Scuderia Ferrari badge, recognising a shared vision of power, excellence and success.

Speaker Docks:

 The Cavallino GT1 is a unique Speaker Dock which creates a rich & powerful audio experience through a market-leading 250W RMS Class HD AMP in a Multi Speaker Unit with a 6.5″ (165mm) Subwoofer. In addition to an Apple dock connector, the GT1 also features wireless Bluetooth connectivity for Android and Windows-based devices.

 The Cavallino GT1 Air offers the same specification as the Cavallino GT1, but with the addition of Apple AirPlay wireless technology.

 The Scuderia FS1 is a 2.1 Speaker Dock offering 120W RMS Class HD Amp with Twin Passive Bass Radiators. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity grants access for Apple, Android & Windows devices along with a specific dock connector for Apple devices.

 The Scuderia FS1 Air offers the same specification as the Scuderia FS1, but with the addition of Apple AirPlay wireless technology.

Headphones and Earphones:

The Ferrari Cavallino Headphones and Earphones deliver a premium audio experience coupled with sumptuous comfort. With a focus on fine materials and detail, the collection is available in the following formats:

 The T350 Over-Ear Headphones, which include active noise cancelling

(ANC) technology

 The T250 On-Ear Headphones

 The G150 & T150 Earphones, which feature TFAT and noise isolating technology

The Scuderia Ferrari Headphones and Earphones offer sleek design and high-quality audio, accompanied by superior comfort level in and on the ears. Mirroring Ferrari’s F1 focus, the whole collection is available in the following formats:

 The R300 Over-Ear Headphones, which offer active noise cancellation (ANC) technology

 The R200 and P200 On-Ear Headphones

 The S100 and R100 Earphones, which feature TFAT and noise isolating technology


The Ferrari by Logic3 collection will be available from April 2012 and will be showcased for the first time at CES, Las Vegas (10th-13th January 2012). Customers wishing to pre-order any of the products from the collections can do so online – please visit for further information and details.

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