Hype Collab: Swizz Beats x Lotus Evora GTE (With Video)

As part of their new marketing strategy Group Lotus elisted rapper/producer Swizz Beatz to be their envoy to the young and affluent jet set that they look to target with their upcoming line up.  To kick things off the rapper debuted one of his first collaborations with the company in the form of the “Swizz Beatz” edition Lotus Evora.  The sheet was pulled off the project recently at a special event in New York attended by various celebrities.  However from the automotive community the Evora has received its share of criticism as the actual modifications on the car are mostly cosmetic.

It seems that the “Swizz Beatz” edition Evora is essentially an Evora GTE with a special red chrome wrap, forged wheels, Recaro seats, with some custom upholstery and carbon fiber inserts in the interior, also special “Swizz Beatz” decals.  While I admit that is a pretty short list, the car does look nice.  Hopefully things go a little deeper in their next collaboration.



[Source: WorldCarFans.com]

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