German Hype: Vorsteiner Reveals V-MS Program For F10 BMW 5 Series (With Video)

The artisans at Vorsteiner have been really freaking busy in this last quarter of the year.  They have worked their magic on a plethora of European hotness and they are continuing the trend with their new V-MS program for the F10 BMW 5 Series.  The program includes an aero package (front spoiler, rear spoiler and rear diffuser) of which all components are made from pre-preg autoclaved carbon fiber, 20 or 21 inch one-piece forged wheels, and a sport exhaust to finish things off.  There is a full gallery below that lets you get a look at Vorsteiner’s newest creation at all angles.  I also highly suggest watching the video below the pictures if you want to get a taste of the glorious exhaust sound they have created for this package.  I already know I am going to see a lot of V-MS packages sported at the next Bimmerfest.





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