Hype News: We Made A Few Changes

This is just a quick heads up that we made a few changes here in our humble little corner of the Internet.  Mainly we have added new categories to help you sort through posts better in the future.  It may seem like a lot of new categories but the idea is to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.  If you look to the far right of the page you will see all the new categories listed.  If you are too lazy to use your ocular muscles to move your eyes in that direction I will just list them all here for you for a quick run down:

American Cars: If it is about a Ford, GM/Chevrolet, or Chrysler/Dodge it will be in this category

Asian Cars: Normally I would have just called this category “Japanese Cars” but the Korean Cars are “so hot right now” .  As you may have guessed any post about an Asian Car be tagged with this category.

European Cars: Same drill as above.  If it is German, British, Italian, French or from anywhere else in Europe it will be here.  This includes supercars!

Exterior: Anytime we hype something that goes on the outside of your car that improves performance or makes it look better i.e. body kits, wings, spoilers, decals, etc. it will go here.

Gaming: We have done a lot of gaming related posts lately so now they will get their own category.  If it has anything to do with holding a controller or wheel peripheral then it will be here.

I.C.E.: I.C.E. stands for “In Car Entertainment” but you should already know what that means.  Basically anything that would fall under the car audio category would go here but you might see a few other cool gadgets here as well.

Interior: As the title suggests any time we hype something for the inside of your car that does not necessarily fall under the I.C.E. category it will be here.  Things you might see here are really cool air fresheners to leather wrapped bucket seats from Recaro.

Motorsports: If it has anything to do with racing it will be here.  Expect everything from updates on F1, Indy Car, Rally, and Drifting to hype on Motorsports gear like racing suits, helmets, gloves, etc.

Performance: Anytime we hype something that improves the performance of your car in any area (power, grip, handling) it will go here.

Video: Another self-explanatory category.  Any time we post a “Hype Video” it will be in this category.

Wheels: This category is for the wheel-freaks out there.  All “Wheel Hype” posts will be in this category from now on.

There you have it, a full rundown of the new categories.  We went back to populate some of the categories with past posts but since we have a few THOUSAND posts since we started we naturally could not go back and re-categorize them all so you may notice that right now most of the new categories are pretty sparse but over time they will grow with new posts.  We hope this change will make navigating our site a little bit easier for you.  If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, etc. please feel free to post in the comments!

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