Hype Performance: AEM Coil-On-Plug Conversion Kit For Honda B-Series Engines

Despite the rise of the K-series most import performance companies just can’t let go of the noble B-series.  For Honda-heads (who also can’t let go of the B-series) this is a good thing because it means that despite having that 15 year old B-series engines companies like AEM will still innovate cool stuff for them.  The latest is the Coil-On-Plug conversion kit that allows B-Series owners to ditch the old cap and rotor for better direct-ignition type performance without extra stuff like a CDI module.  This set up is also safe on boosted engines that run all the way up to 15psi.  Be warned though, this conversion does not come cheap.  This kit will set you back about $790.  So those interested will have to ask themselves if the improved ignition performance is really worth the kind of coin AEM is asking for the kit.  Although when you think of the replacement costs of rotors, caps, and wires over a given period of time this kit may just pay for itself eventually.


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