Gaming Hype: Codemasters Announces Saftey Car WILL Make It Into F1 2011 Game

Very early this morning (or late last night depending on where you live) Codemasters announced via the official F1 game twitter account that F1 2011 WILL include a saftey car.  This is something that fans of the game have been requesting since F1 2010 was released.  For a long time most thought it would not happen since it would require some legal gymnastics and permissions to license the saftey car for the game but it appears the team at Codemasters finally pulled it off!  To confirm the F1 2011 game communcations manager Andy Gray used his cell phone to tweet a screen shot of the Mercedes SLS AMG saftey car in action.  No word yet on how much players can interact with the safety car of if the saftey car could single handedly ruin an entire race but we do know a few things: it is not controllable by the player, players will still have some control over your car while following the safety car, and the saftey car will be a part of online play.  As soon as more information is made public we will try to update this post ASAP.   We can’t wait to review this game!

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