Hype Movie Review: SENNA

Last week we were lucky enough be invited to a private pre-release screening of the up coming Ayrton Senna documentary bio-pic which is simply titled “SENNA”.  Ever since the first trailer was released we were curious as to what direction the film makers would take in telling the story of one of the most celebrated F1 drivers in history.  After finally watching the film it would be difficult to say that the film took any “direction” at all.  That may sound like a knock but it is actually a compliment to the film makers and a testament to just how epic Ayrton Senna’s life was.  You see, what the producers and the director of SENNA decided to do was simply to let Ayrton’s story tell itself through carefully chosen footage selected everywhere from the FIA archives to YouTube.

Each chapter of the film  is narrated by several influential people in Aryton’s life.  Ron Dennis, Frank Williams, Alain Prost, Ayrton’s sister Viviane, his mother Neyde and more all lend their voices to telling the story and yet you do not see any of their faces during their interviews.  It is all done in voice over style so that the focus is always on the amazing footage that has been cut together.

Many racing fans who are under 30 may barely remember watching a few of Senna’s last races in the early 90s or late 80s but we have all heard the stories from the older generation.  In SENNA we finally get to see those stories unfold.  The magnificent thing about SENNA is that his life was so epic that it could have easily been a scripted heroic drama.  Ayrton was the hero of his own story and the film makers captured that well but, what really makes the film is that the director and producers also captured the villains and supporting characters of the story excellently as well. 

In fact his story is so rich and captivating that you need not be an F1 fan or even a racing fan period to enjoy this film.  The quality of footage chosen and the way the story is told will grab anyone with a soul from the very opening moments and hold on the whole way through.  If you are a racing fan of any kind you will love this movie.  If you are not a racing fan and know nothing of the sport you will still love this movie.  This is because SENNA is not just a movie for racing fans, it is a movie for fans of the human spirit and believers in human potential.

The only bad part about watching SENNA is that if you are a fan then you already know how the movie ends..  Despite that, this is a must-see film!

If you want to know when and where SENNA will open then visit the official SENNA facebook page at Facebook.com/SENNAMovie or follow the @SENNAMovie twitter account.

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