2011 CES: Playseat America Releases Gran Turismo 5 Licensed Game Seat

For those who were looking to pick up a Playseat but was worried that your Forza Edition would clash with your GT5 set up have no fear.  At CES Playseat America announced an official Gran Turismo 5 game seat.  Not only is this seat decked in GT5 signage but they’ve actually made some design improvements.  The attachment plates have been specially engineered to accommodate PS3 wheels such as the Logitech Driving Force GT  and the upcoming very expensive Thrustmaster T500.  Also on this model the post to hold the steering wheel mount comes out from the seat rather than attaching to the center post.  This frees up your leg room and eliminates the need for left foot braking as in the previous model.  However, the best improvement in my opinion is that they switched to a stronger powder coat method for all the railing so you wont scratch it up with the clamp screws! Fresh!  Although I should say that the GT5 game seat isn’t cheap.  It will set you back $599 but I’d much rather spend that money on this rather than a steering wheel.  Buy the GT5 PS3 bundle pack, buy the Logitech wheel and then pick up this seat for the ultimate Gran Turismo set up.


Press Release:

Redmond, WA November 30, 2010

Playseat America, the premier manufacturer of gaming furniture worldwide, announces the upcoming release of the limited edition Gran Turismo® 5 edition Revolution Sim-Racing Game Seat to the United States gaming market.

Consisting of several new enhancements and modifications not found on the original Evolution, the next level in Playseat race seats, the Playseat Revolution – Gran Turismo® 5 edition, includes a new, leg friendly design for free range of leg movement and center mount wheel support, elevating the in-home Gran Turismo® 5 racing experience to new levels when combined with a Logitech wheel/pedal set of choice for PlayStation®3 (PS3™). The seat offers ultimate comfort and a realistic racing experience.

This dynamic race seat is modeled after real, rally and stock car seats, complete with helmet stabilizers and a new, patented, fully adjustable steering wheel support with aluminum quick release handle for easy slide adjustment for height and depth, and now accommodates even more third party wheel/pedal hardware sets (Logitech, Thrustmaster, FANATEC) on the market.

Newly designed extra strong, powder coated hollow triangle tubing for wire concealment with additional PU protection to avoid scratching rounds out this dynamic sim-racing chassis, making the Gran Turismo® 5 edition Playseat Revolution the perfect gaming performance enhancer, and the only way to bring the ultimate Gran Turismo® 5 edition racing experience home! Accessories are also available.

The Gran Turismo® 5 edition racing seat from Playseat will be available for consumers to purchase in January, 2011. MSRP $599.99.

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