2010 LA Auto Show: Rolls Royce Exhibit (With Video)

The Rolls Royce exhibit is always one of my favorite places to visit during the LA Auto Show press days. Since they let you open the doors and sit in the cars visiting their exhibit is the closest I’ll ever come to owning one! The other thing I love about Rolls Royce is that they keep their exhibit minimal but classy.  They tend not to have more than three cars on display at once and they don’t put a lot of stage dressing around the cars.  They also stayed away from the “iPad as an info sheet” trend that was catching on this year.

Right in the middle of the exhibit was the new Rolls Royce Ghost AKA “the baby Rolls”.  The Ghost is slightly smaller than the full sized Phantom but still has more presence than other luxury sedans like a Mercedes Benz S Class or BMW 7 Series.  The Rolls Royce Ghost is definitely the Rolls that you drive even though it is still very extravagant on the inside.  Yet despite its luxury it is over $100k less than a Phantom or a Drophead Coupe.  After spending some quality time sitting in the driver’s seat of the Rolls Royce Ghost I decided to get all the critical info on smaller, yet equally luxurious British sedan.  Check that out below.





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