Hype Event Presented By Borla Exhaust: X Games 16 Super Rally Cross Day 2

Saturday was the second day and final day of X Games rally competition.  Practice was over and there was no more warm ups.  On this day every run counted.  The pressure was definitely on each driver to get everything right so they could continue to advance.  If the pressure of competition wasn’t enough there was another factor that added to the tension.  The officials changed the layout of the track before competition began.  The story we heard from various sources was that the original layout was too disconcerting to the drivers.  As such, the officials changed the layout.  However once the course was changed the drivers had little to no time to practice the new configuration.  Then came news that if any driver deviated from the set course they would be red flagged and automatically DQ’d!

There was definitely a lot of drama throughout the rally racing and especially in the Super Rally Final.  There will be more posts on all of that later.  In the meantime check out some pictures from day 2 below and even more pictures in our GALLERY.

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