F1: 2010 Hungarian GP Results

Over the weekend the F1 party made its final stop in Hungary before it takes its summer break which is nearly a month long.  Some of the controversy from the last few races died down a bit but Ferrari’s team orders were still fresh in the minds and on the mouths of almost every person on the grid.  However, there weren’t too many opinions shared as understandably all the teams wanted to focus on the race at hand.

As usual the weekend started off with the Red Bull team dominating qualifying and Sebastien Vettel capturing the pole position and Mark Webber qualifying 2nd lining up against his hot shot teammate.  The two Ferrari’s of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa earned their grid spots just behind the Red Bull team and were poised to pounce when the time was right.

When the lights went out on Sunday only one Ferrari, piloted by Fernando was able to make a move on Red Bull.  Just as Mark Webber was shoving Vettel out of his way, Alonso took it upon himself to get in between the fight and steal 2nd place away from Sebastien.  As Mark Webber ran away from the rest of the grid we saw a few shocking things happen: first was Lewis Hamilton’s Vodafone McLaren Mercedes suffered a driveshaft failure putting him out of the race and ending his championship points lead.  The next gasp came when Nico Rosberg came into the pits for a tire change when one of his wheels literally came off and rolled through several pit crews before bouncing 20 feet straight up into the air and landing on a crew member.  Luckily the crewman only suffered minor injuries.

Then just a short time later Sebastien Vettel was slapped with a drive through penalty for holding up the field by staying longer than 10 car lengths behind the safety car after an incident.  As I’m writing this I am sure he is still pretty pissed off about it.

While all of that craziness was going on Mark Webber continued one of the best F1 drives ever seen, making a set of soft compound option tires stretch for a 45 lap stint!  Once he built a comfortable 23 second gap on 2nd place he came into the pits to switch to the hard compound tires and finished off the race capping off a dominant performance.  Since Lewis Hamilton suffered a DNF Mark Webber has officially taken over the lead in the championship points!  Check out a full race report on SPEED.

[Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images]

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