Uber Hype Part 2: BMW Welt/Museum In Munich, Germany

In our first installment of Uber Hype we took you inside of Novitec Rosso’s facility on the outskirts of Germany.  In part two we’re going to check out BMW AG in Munich!  BMW AG is practically a theme park of all aspects of Bavarian Motorwerks.  Its campus is separated into three main areas: The BMW Munich Plant, The BMW Museum, and The BMW Welt (BMW “World” in English).

As you might guess the BMW Munich Plant is all business and is the place where many of our favorite bimmers are born.  The BMW Museum holds a rich history of BMW’s origins and some of their fabled creations from the past.  The BMW Welt is a exhibition and distribution center.  The Welt also showcases all of the new BMW models including interactive and in-depth displays of current BMW technology.

If you love cars and just happen to be visiting Germany then the BMW Welt is a must-see!  By the way the BMW Museum houses the famous “Kinetic Sculpture” featured in a few BMW commercials.  RJ couldn’t help but shoot a few quick minutes of the sculpture in action.  Check it out as well as some pics below.  There is also a much larger gallery on our Facebook Fan Page.

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