Alienware Hummer Built By West Coast Customs

On the last day of E3 2010 I was making my last lap around the show floor when I stopped by the Alienware exhibit to see what they had on display for a future article (stay tuned).  It was at that moment I met a cheerful PR representative named Emelyne.  After explaining to her what was about she instantly lit up and told me about a “secret” event coming up that would be right up our alley.

About a month later I found myself at the headquarters of West Coast Customs (WCC) in Corona, CA with the toughest looking Hummer H1 I’ve ever seen before me.  However, as one may expect this was no ordinary Hummer…  The team at WCC turned the H1 into a full-on mobile competitive gaming station equipped with nearly every offering from Alienware.  Gone were the back seats and in their place were top of the line Alienware gaming PC towers with flat screen displays.  They did the same in the passenger seat although that section was hooked up with lynch-pins.  That way it could be converted back into a seat at Alienware’s discretion.

Up front the massive Hummer H1 grill guard was transformed and fabricated into a fold out three-screen single person gaming station that could easily fold back into grill mode when the Hummer needed to hit the road again.

In the rear the Hummer’s bed was given two side mounted benches facing what I like to call a “gaming monolith” that featured three stations with Alienware’s new gaming laptops and additional screens overhead so that on lookers could check out the action.

The team also constructed two auxiliary laptop powered gaming stations that flank either side of the Hummer and are ready to run any game you can throw at it.

Alienware plans to take their custom built Hummer on a nation-wide tour starting with Comic-Con in San Diego this week.  Once the rig is set up Alienware plans on holding impromptu gaming tournaments with Super Street Fighter 4, Modern Warfare 2, Unreal Tournament and more.  If you’re planning on going to Comic-Con or if you’re in the area just head to 400 Island Ave. (Corner of Island & 4th st) in San Diego and join in on the action.  Tell them that sent you!

If you want to see more pics of the Alienware Hummer and the West Coast Customs Facility check out our Facebook Fan Page.

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