Hype Video: This Is The World’s Fastest Mercedes Benz CL65

After I posted up the Hype Vid of RENNTech’sSL Black Series on the Dyno yesterday the guys at the shop were nice enough to drop me a line and let me know what else they’ve been up to.  It turns out that when they aren’t tuning really, really expensive cars they’re making their customer’s cars ridiculously fast.  Check out the video below of a customer’s CL65 officially taking its place as the world’s fastest in the 1/4 mile.  It sounds like a beast!  By the way, just for kicks the owner of RENNTech decided to take his C63 for a spin down the 1320 and he ended up setting a world record himself!  So, they’re responsible for the world’s fastest CL65 and they own the world’s fastest C63.  I’m sensing a trend here..

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