NOPI Drift dead? Blame The Economy?

Grassroots drifting publication Wrecked Magazine reported today that due to the finanical hit of having to cancel several spring events, NOPI would be killing off their car shows, drag races, and drift series for the remainder of the season.

While NOPI hasn’t officially announced anything on the NOPI Drift site nor sent out a release to the mass media, this story isn’t that hard to believe.  NOPI has faced difficulties lately and this would not be out of the realm of possibility.  Also, Wrecked Magazine has always been a pretty legit source.

Being a largely east coast series NOPI Drift provided a place for many east coast teams who couldn’t afford to commit to the nation wide Formula D to compete professionally.  If this development is true then it could be a significant blow to the grassroots drifting community in that part of the country. 

Below is the statement that Wrecked Mag found, you’ll notice that they seem to blame the current state of the national economy as their main reasoning behind this move.  Seems a bit odd, but I suppose the current state of the economy can be blamed for a lot of things…

Press Release

July 16, 2008 It is with great regret that NOPI Motorsports, LLC has suspended operations for the summer and fall 2008. This will include NOPI Drag Racing Series, NOPI Drift Series and the NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow. The company is undergoing an organizational restructuring in light of severe adverse affects of a disappointing spring season. The economy and unfavorable weather resulted in underperformance of all spring events. Michael Meyers, president of NOPI Motorsports, reports that NOPI Motorsports is working with its clients and sponsors to minimize the uncertainty going forward. This is a reflection of the economic times in which we currently live. The countrywide economic and industry downturn has caused a slowdown and tightening of belts. This affects everyone and companies, at all levels, and NOPI Motorsports is no different.We understand the position this puts everyone in and we hope you can find in your heart to work with us through this terrible time. All of you are our friends and we have felt for many years that we were all a big family.

NOPI Motorsports hates this more than anyone as the many years of hard work, tradition and an industry we helped to shape would come to this.

Please watch for future announcements.

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