GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Is Basically Fast & Furious

GTA Online is not a game we’ve played here at MotorworldHype. Yeah, we know that is absolutely crazy considering the millions of players that jump on the game every day.

For what it’s worth, we played through Grand Theft Auto 5 on Xbox 360. But, when it was re-released for the Xbox One, we just didn’t feel like buying it again. Since then Rockstar Games has released tons of updates and expansions for GTA online but none of them have really caught our interest.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

Though, that might have just changed. The newest update GTA Online Los Santos Tuners is an expansion that basically turns GTA Online into a Fast & Furious game. Players can buy fictional  tuner cars that are similar enough to real vehicles to figure out what is what and visit the “LS car meet”.

One look at the car meet might bring strong memories of Rockstars’ game Midnight Club which is a fan favorite racing game series. However, the last Midnight Club game was released way back in 2009. Fans have wanted a sequel ever since but it never game. We’re speculating here but perhaps if this expansion does well enough, it might just be the spark that inspires Rockstar to revisit that series.

Getting back to GTA Online Los Santos Tuners, the story has players teaming up with a crew and using their tuner cars to complete heists. Some of which seem very similar to those seen in the Fast & Furious films. There’s even a moving truck robbery!

You can check out the trailer below if you want to see more. The expansion is already out as of today so if you’re interested you can jump in right away. We might just join you.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Launch Trailer

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