TE37 SONIC MD/B Limited Drop Now Available

The TE37 SONIC MD/B wheel is now available for a limited time. We repeat the TE37 SONIC MD/B has dropped! This is not a drill.

In case you’re unaware, the TE37 is basically the Air Jordan of wheels. They’ve been around forever, they look good with just about any outfit, they’re not cheap, and there is no shortage of limited edition versions.

We should also add that limited edition TE37 wheels tend to go quick. While we’re not quite at SNKRS app levels of rapid retail yet, it’s still wise to move with the quickness if you want to cop a limited TE37 variant.

Sometimes limited variants of the TE37 will disappear but then come back; Kind of like the McRib.

TE37 SONIC MD/B wheels

The official RAYS Engineering Instagram account announced that the elusive TE37 SONIC MD/B are returning and will be available until December, 2021.

The MD/B identifier stands for the wheel’s unique Matte Dark Blue color which is very uncommon as a factory offering on TE37s.

TE37 SONIC MD/B wheels

Currently the wheels are available in 15″ and 16″ sizes in a 4 x 100 bolt pattern. 5-lug folks are SOL on this one. Maybe in the next drop?

TE37 SONIC MD/B wheels on an ND Mazda MX-5

For now, it looks like the TE37 SONIC MD/B’s look very much at home on small roadsters like the ND Mazda MX-5 or early model Civic hatchbacks.

Since the wheels were just announced recently, there is no pricing information that we can find at the time of this article.

We recommend hitting up your local RAYS Engineering dealer and reserve a set now before someone else beats you to it.

What do you think of the TE37 SONIC MD/B? Would you rock them? If so, on what car? Let us know on Twitter at @MotorworldHype.

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