Could This Nissan Gloria Be Your Next JDM VIP Project?

So today marks the first day of us trying something a bit different around here. Obviously, a big part of car culture is buying cars on the second hand market and building them into their respective projects. Some could argue it is basically the life blood of the culture.

However, we haven’t really given much coverage to the used car market, so we’re going to try and change that. We’re going to start highlighting interesting cars that we find on the used market. They might be from auction sites like Bring a Trailer and Cars & Bids or other spots like craigslist or specialty dealers like Toprank Importers.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Toprank Importers are pretty much the go-to spot for anyone looking to legally buy R32, R33, or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R in America.

What many may not know is that Toprank imports all manner of JDM cars, not just early model GT-R’s. For example, this JDM right-hand-drive 1995 Nissan Gloria sedan which is currently on sale right now for $9,995.

What is the Nissan Gloria?

Black 1995 Nissan Gloria sedan front quarter view

The Nissan Gloria is a luxury sedan that has been in production since 1959 and was originally made by Prince before Nissan took over later on. The sedan featured here is a Y32 chassis which is the 9th gen of this model and was in production between 1991 and 1995.

The earlier models of the Gloria were never sold in America though it does share its platform with the Infiniti Q45 of the same year. Later models of the Gloria (2002-2004) were sold in America as the Infiniti M45.

Black 1995 Nissan Gloria sedan engine bay

The Y32 Gloria is powered by a VG20 V6 engine which makes 200 horsepower in stock trim. Respectable power for its time.

The particular model for sale at Toprank Importers is in very nice condition and appears to be super clean going by their photos. Despite being a 1995 model, the car only has 46,569 miles (74,947km) which is pretty low for a 25 year old car. It appears that the previous owners took very good care of it.

The car is stock for the most part. So, whomever picks this car up is starting from a nice clean slate.

Why this car is awesome

1995 Nissan Gloria sedan front view

Though, we think the real draw to this car isn’t is power output but its potential as a slick JDM VIP-style cruiser. Slam this car (bags or static), grab a Junction Produce body kit, throw on a set of Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels, and then go wild with the interior. Add privacy curtains, Fusa Kiku knots, neck curtains, the whole nine yards.

Pair all of that with the fact that it is a genuine JDM article and you have yourself a head turner at the next meet (when meets are safe again that is…sigh).

What do you think of this Nissan Gloria? Do think $9,995 is a fair price for a legit JDM sedan? Sound off in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

If you’re interested in the Gloria hit up Toprank Importers and tell them we sent you. Telling them we sent you won’t actually make any difference but we want you to do it anyway.

For more pictures check out the gallery of photos from Toprank below or just go to the vehicle listing.

1995 Nissan Gloria for sale at Toprank Importers

[Source: Toprank Importers]

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