Leon Hardiritt Orden [Wheel Wednesday]

Leon Hardiritt Orden marks the return of “Wheel Wednesday” to the site! Anyone who considers themselves an enthusiast of Luxury cars and “VIP style” JDM cars has likely heard of Leon Hardiritt wheels.

Leon Hardiritt Orden wheel in black polish finish

For the unaware, Leon Hardiritt is the luxury wheel brand produced by Super Star Wheels which is a sub-brand of iconic JDM wheel producer Weds Wheels.

Hardiritt wheels are not cheap which makes them somewhat rare to spot on the street. The more likely scenario is coming across maybe one car with a set bolted on at a car show like WekFest or AutoCon.

Leon Hardiritt Orden wheel in silver polish finish on Lexus LS430

The Leon Hardiritt Orden wheel featured in this post is one of the most popular wheels in the line. The large five spoke “dish” design really lend themselves to the heavy cruiser cars like the Lexus LS and GS sedans.

Leon Hardiritt Orden wheel in matte black finish on Mercedes Benz CL class

Though the Orden’s can be found on plenty of German cars as well like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

They certainly aren’t light weight but as far as I know they’re not super heavy either. Though it’s safe to say that no one buys these wheels to shave pounds for a track day.

These shoes are all about showing off at the local meet or show. Don’t get it twisted though; there is some serious quality that goes into building these rims.

Each three-piece wheel is assembled by hand and inspected before it leaves the factory in Japan.

Leon Hardiritt Orden wheel in gold finish

Because they’re hand-made, a set of Leon Hardiritt Orden’s can be customized. The wheel face, bolts, inner rim, and outer rim can all be color-customized. Buyers can also specify if they want a reverse wheel lip or “super flange” style lip.

There are further custom options beyond those I mentioned but anyone interested in that will have to contact Super Star Wheels directly or via a distributor. Those buyers should also be prepared to wait a lot longer and spend a significant amount more for special orders.

Leon Hardiritt center cap with knight logo in black

Speaking of price, the Leon Hardiritt Orden has an MSRP of $850 USD per wheel. Though what do you expect? They’re logo has a freakin’ knight on it!

Though, if anyone is looking for a slight discount, Evasive Motorsports has them available (in standard colors and sizes) for $765 per wheel.

Certainly not cheap but a discount is a discount. Price will vary depending on certain colors and other options however.

There is a selection of colored center caps that can really set things off as well.

Check out the gallery below to get a look at how Leon Hardiritt wheels look on different cars.

What do you think of the Orden wheels? Would you rock them on your build? Or is there another wheel you think works better for VIP/luxury cars?

Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

Leon Hardiritt Orden wheel gallery


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