F1 2020: Lewis Hamilton Wins Turkish GP And 7th World Championship

Lewis Hamilton clinched his seventh Formula One World Championship this weekend during the Turkish Grand Prix in a very eventful race.

I know I normally do not divulge the results of a race in these posts but this is another one of those circumstances in which the result is so big that spoilers are pretty much impossible to avoid at this point.

The odds of Hamilton securing his 7th driver’s championship this weekend were incredibly high as all he needed to do was finish ahead of his teammate Valtteri Bottas. On the other hand, in order to extend the championship fight Bottas needed to out score Lewis by at least 8 points in this race.

A task like that is extremely difficult on a good day. What made matters worse were the treacherous conditions at Intercity Istanbul Park circuit.

Cold, rainy weather combined with brand new asphalt made for an extremely slippery track surface that caused issues for drivers all weekend long.

Valtteri Bottas struggling on the wet track surface during the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix

Bottas himself spun out a total of six times during the race which kept him relegated to the back of the pack. Lewis wasn’t doing all that great at the race start either.

Normally, Hamilton is pretty good on a wet track but the water combined with the oils and resins from the asphalt rising to the top caused Lewis and other drivers to liken the situation to racing on ice.

Hamilton remained in the top 5 for most of the race but he struggled to maintain position and warned his team about his front brakes underperforming.

Meanwhile, Lance Stroll who actually captured pole position for this race was cruising ahead of the pack and looked like he was on his way to his first race win.

However, the Racing Point team’s two-stop strategy for Stroll didn’t quite work out in his favor and was leap-frogged by Max Verstappen on the exit of his second pit stop.

Mercedes-AMG kept Hamilton out long enough to rely on a one-stop strategy. Thanks in part to a spin from then third-place Alex Albon, Lewis made his way to the front of the pack and eventually passed Sergio Perez for the lead.

From there, Lewis held on and got the win and secured his seventh driver’s championship. Sergio Perez earned a hard fought second place and Sebastian Vettel capitalized on a last minute mistake by his teammate Charles Leclerc and grabbed a third place finish.

Lewis Hamilton has an emotional moment after winning  his seventh F1 world championship.

Hamilton’s feat is something that many people thought was impossible. The thought of any driver equaling the dominance of Michael Schumacher seemed so far out of reach.

And, just like Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton came from humble beginnings. Lewis is not from a motorsport legacy family, nor a rich one yet he rose to this incredible feat.

When Lewis crossed the line and passed the checkered flag, with the world watching listening he said “That’s for all the kids out there who dream the impossible; you can do it too!”

Hamilton’s haters will remain, but no matter what, when it comes to the greatest F1 drivers of all time he has cemented himself as part of the conversation.

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