Shmee150 Drives Super Rare BRABUS Rocket 900 [VIDEO]

YouTuber and supercar enthusiast, Shmee150 has just been granted a rare opportunity. He was invited to Germany so that he could spend a full day with the BRABUS Rocket 900 super sedan.

Just so you have an understanding of how special this is. BRABUS is only making ten Rocket 900 cars total. Only ten people on the planet earth will get to own this car; and Shmee got to drive one on a race track for a full day.

Shmee150 driving the BRABUS 900 Rocket on a race track in Germany.

Being a YouTuber with over two million subscribers definitely has it’s perks doesn’t it?

Some of you may be wondering who or what BRABUS is. I’ll explain…

Generally speaking, there are two ways to get more power from an engine. One way is to coax it out bit by bit until the desired effect is reached; The other way is to use brute force and make an engine bend to the will of the engineer.

BRABUS tends to go the latter route. Since 1977, the German tuner has found ways to pull ridiculous horsepower figures out of Mercedes Benz engines. It may not always be completely usable horsepower but it is definitely there for the attempt.

To those looking to ride the lighting, BRABUS has offered tuning “programs” for different Mercedes Benz cars and each program offers different levels of power and other performance enhancements.

Though, the top tier program has always been the “Rocket”. The Rocket program essentially involves ripping out the engine and completely re-building it from the ground up with strengthened internals.

Then, the engine fed enough boost to choke an elephant. Resulting in gobs of horsepower at the ready whenever the driver so chooses.

The latest car to get the Rocket treatment is the Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63 S four-door coupe. Now, in stock form this car is already seriously impressive.

It has a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine under the hood that makes 630 horsepower. That’s a lot; but not enough for BRABUS.

They took the AMG GT 63 S and completely transformed it into a brawler in a three piece suit.

BRABUS Rocket 900 at a race track in Germany.

First some weight was shaved by adding a custom carbon fiber widebody kit. That kit includes a re-worked front end with larger air-dams so that the car can inhale enough oxygen, wider fenders to accommodate the 20 inch plus monoblock wheels, a rear diffuser, and rear wing.

The body kit was actually wind tunnel tested by BRABUS to ensure that their modifications provide real downforce at speed.

BRABUS 900 Rocket engine components on a table. Including the billet crankshaft, billet connecting rod, forged piston, and larger turbo.

Then comes the juicy part. The stock 4.0 liter V8 was stroked to 4.5 liters complete with a billet crankshaft, billet rods, and forged pistons. Larger, custom-spec’d turbos were bolted on and boost was turned up to 20 psi.

BRABUS 900 Rocket engine bay with red carbon fiber engine cover.

The result is 900 horsepower and 770 ft-lbs of torque. The engine set up is actually capable of more torque but BRABUS has electronically limited it so the engine doesn’t cause drivetrain failure.

As you might have guessed, the 900 horsepower is where the “900” in the name comes from. The top speed is electronically limited to 205mph but is capable of much more with further modifications.

I could go on talking about the car but it’s better if you just watch it for yourself. Check out Shmee150’s video below.

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